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Logistics Services

Flexible, cost-smart multifunctional logistics solutions

In today’s complex global military and government operations, logistics and asset management can quickly make or break missions. It’s that simple. And it’s a challenge made even greater as the number, complexity, mobility and value of your assets can change overnight. This is an environment where Tuva’s agile multifunctional logistics subject matter experts, research analysts and IT systems personnel thrive.

We’re trusted to develop leading edge Concept-of-Operations, policy, business rules and implementation plans for material management operations in environments of acute budget constraints. We develop key performance metrics across a wide array of operations, conduct trend analysis and causal relationships to help organizations stay ahead of requirements. We provide secure linkage, alignment and reporting of global transportation, maintenance, material and inventory assets to achieve desired strategic outcomes. And we develop cost/benefit analysis platforms that fully integrate and synchronize management processes for materiel distribution and redistribution at today’s best value. Simply put, with Tuva, you’ll have the vision to locate, manage, move and maintain each of your assets securely at peak productivity levels and best value over every aspect of their lifecycle—from planning and acquisition, through deployment to final retirement and disposal . This is the Tuva difference.

  • Lifecycle Logistics & Policy Research, Development & Review
  • Technical Program Management
  • Secure Supply Chain
  • Cost/Benefit Analysis
  • Metrics